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white logo for ESS, Engineered Surface Systems of Edmonton Alberta, a concrete surface and resurfacing company
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Industrial Flooring Solutions

Industrial Flooring Solutions

High-quality industrial flooring allows your industrial facility to meet safety requirements for chemical resistance. Concrete surfaces without suitable epoxy coatings can become slippery, contaminated, and dangerous. Industrial concrete surfaces must be fortified against the following:

  • Chemical Spills: While the process sometimes occurs slowly over a long period, corrosive chemicals can break down unprotected concrete flooring until the floor begins to disintegrate.
  • Thermal Shock: Sudden temperature changes in production areas can expose floors to extreme swings between heat and cold. Due to the way surfaces and substrates expand and contract at different speeds, this can create peeling, cracking, and bubbling.
  • Impact: In areas where heavy machinery and foot traffic are common, buckling of concrete slabs is also common. An uncoated porous floor is especially vulnerable to damage in high-traffic areas.
  • Damage to Equipment: Chemical processors, storage tanks, processing tanks, and a wide range of other big-ticket equipment items can be damaged when a floor isn't designed to sustain them. In addition, scrubbers, flanged pipes, fittings, agitators, pump components, and other vital pieces are vulnerable when flooring creates a corrosive, unstable environment.

Engineered Surface Systems (ESS) specializes in industrial-grade floor coatings for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail spaces, showrooms, restaurants, hospital lobbies, hotel lobbies, garages, and more. Suitable for the roughest industrial facility, our durable floors provide beauty, safety, and ease of maintenance. Discover how concrete slabs of all sizes can be turned into functional floors using Canada's best industrial flooring solutions.

Industrial Lining Solutions

Protective lining is essential for creating a slip-free, chemical-resistant environment in an industrial setting. Floor linings are highly effective barriers that prevent contamination. They can also help to preserve the life of a floor by guarding against moisture, discoloration, and wear and tear. The long list of lining options for turning concrete slabs into durable floors includes no-skid coatings, cementitious urethane coatings, epoxy, and densifiers. Moisture testing, control, and mitigation can also be important aspects of creating a safe industrial floor prior to applying a lining option.

Coating and Resurfacing Solutions for Industrial Concrete Floors

Many options exist for getting a sleek, high-gloss industrial floor with slip-resistant qualities. Achieving a safe floor requires careful preparation combined with an appropriate finish. Some options for coating and resurfacing existing concrete floors include:

  • Cement based urethane.
  • Epoxy mortar.
  • Polyurea flooring.

Polishing concrete is an ideal resurfacing solution for worn, slick industrial floors because it provides a no-wax, high-gloss finish that changes the chemical composition of concrete to add slip-resistant qualities. During a refinishing project, a concrete floor is mechanically ground, honed, and polished using bonding abrasives to create a surface capable of performing in the harshest of industrial environments. Considered a green flooring system, polished concrete is formed using grinding tools with industrial diamonds.

Industrial Floor Repairs

Weakened, damaged industrial flooring represents a break from safety protocols. ESS offers the expertise and specialized equipment needed to perform a variety of industrial floor repairs. Our repair and resurfacing services can restore worn floors to bring renewed safety to any facility. An experienced company with a reputation for working with major retailers, arenas, and high-traffic facilities, ESS understands the importance of finishing a project promptly to ensure that your business is faced with the smallest disruption to operations possible.

Don't keep operations going with unstable flooring for another day! Founded in 2001, ESS is a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions in Alberta and beyond. Our floor coatings, refinishing options, and repair options can leave your floors with the epoxy coatings and composition needed for adequate chemical resistance. Contact ESS at 1 (780) 483-7735 for a consultation.

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