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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing in Edmonton

Polished concrete is a preferred choice in many commercial and industrial settings due to its versatility. In addition to offering heavy-duty performance, polished industrial and commercial floors also provide unmatched aesthetic appeal. Engineered Surface Systems (ESS) is a leading expert in epoxy flooring and concrete resurfacing. We provide custom concrete solutions designed to enhance the safety, performance, and beauty of any setting. 

What Is Concrete Polishing?

The process of polishing concrete slabs is similar to the process of polishing granite, marble, and other surfaces. During the process, the concrete surface is finely ground using high-powered equipment. Natural glossiness and smoothness are achieved by the molecules of the altered concrete binding together to create an ultra-dense surface. The effect is not something that can be recreated using paints or polishes.

Benefits of Polishing Concrete Floors

Polished concrete turns a concrete surface into a world-class floor. While many people are first attracted to this option due to its appealing look, they soon learn that the benefits go much further. Take a look at the advantages of selecting a polished floor for your residential or commercial space.


Polishing concrete creates a smooth, uniform aesthetic. Its sheen creates a dramatic effect that reflects like glass. However, the surface is never slippery. Many people are surprised to learn that a polished floor doesn't have to be a dull, muted shade of gray. Dyes can be used during the polishing process to create a custom look. This is ideal for everything from making a bold style statement to following branding guidelines. The clean aesthetic of polished flooring makes it a top choice in retail spaces, industrial facilities, hospitals, grocery stores, car dealerships, hotels, and more.


Polished concrete's smooth-as-glass look masks its hardness. Polishing concrete can actually double the hardness of your floor. This creates a floor that is impervious to most scratches and dents. While polished concrete may not be the best application in some environments where heavy equipment and machinery are used, it can handle many environments where there is some everyday wear and tear on the floor surface. If you’re unsure, contact the concrete surface experts at ESS, and we’ll provide sound advice on the best application for your environment.

Ease of Maintenance

The ease of maintenance of ordinary concrete floors is only amplified when going with polished flooring. Regular concrete flooring often sheds fine dust over time. This poses risks for everything from allergens to contamination. What's more, regular concrete can soak up liquids and solvents. By contrast, polished flooring undergoes physical changes that actually stop the release of dust. In addition to keeping floors beautiful, this dust-proof quality also helps to maintain a hygienic, uncontaminated setting.


Polished flooring is a favourite choice within retail spaces and industrial facilities because of its safety profile. Unlike untreated floors and other types of flooring materials, concrete polishing provides traction. This is essential for preventing slip-and-fall accidents. What's more, the water-resistant qualities created during the polishing process can make an area with heavy foot traffic much safer. In general, this type of flooring creates a better grip for the shoe under all conditions. While it's still important to follow all safety protocols for wiping up spills, a polished floor is an important risk-reduction feature.

These Floors Can Be Customized to Your Specific Needs

Polishing allows for a concrete surface to be finished in a wide variety of colours and patterns. In addition to a standard gray finish, customers can choose neutral tones, jewel tones, stencilling, marbling effects, or the popular "galaxy" effect. Adding colours and patterns do not alter the performance of concrete floors.

Polished Concrete Floors Are Useful for a Variety of Commercial and Industrial Applications

The beauty, slip-resistant qualities, and ease of maintenance offered by polishing flooring are unmatched. This is a top choice for large spaces because it allows property owners to cover a large amount of square footage cheaply compared to other flooring options. It's common to see a polished floor in:

  • Commercial retail spaces.
  • Car showrooms.
  • Shopping outlets.
  • Arenas and theatres.
  • School atriums.
  • Museums.
  • Libraries.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Warehouses.
  • High-end homes.
  • Hospital lobbies.
  • Municipal lobbies.
  • Churches.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants with "industrial" aesthetics.

ESS can oversee the concrete polishing process for any residential, industrial, public or commercial space. Founded in 2001, our work is seen in large arenas and retail spaces throughout Canada. Call our Edmonton office at (780) 483 -7735 today for an estimate!

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