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Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing

A porous concrete floor is a safety hazard in residential, commercial, industrial, or medical spaces. Concrete sealers are essential for chemical resistance, slip resistance, and stain resistance. In addition to creating a safer, cleaner environment, concrete sealers can preserve the longevity of both indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Don’t go another day without using the right types of sealer on concrete surfaces.

Alberta-based Engineered Surface Systems (ESS) is a leading provider of water-based sealers, epoxy sealers, and polyurethane sealer solutions for clients all throughout Canada. We can help you discover a custom solution for your concrete flooring. First, learn a bit about the importance of sealing your concrete floors to create a seamless chemical barrier.

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Why Sealing Concrete Floors Is Important

There are many reasons to seal your concrete floors. While concrete is a dense, durable substance, it is actually quite porous. Voids within concrete are called capillaries. Unfortunately, the millions of capillaries that exist in the average concrete floor can easily fill with water, oils, and other liquids. Absorption of liquids over time will inevitably damage a concrete structure. Another issue with unsealed concrete is that the density of concrete can actually backfire when water-related damage causes dense stretches of concrete to snap, crack, or shift.

Sealing Concrete Prevents Deterioration

A high-quality penetrating sealer can help to protect areas from chemical exposure. It can also be useful for simply keeping areas that would be negatively affected by moisture dry. Keeping floors free of water damage, corrosion, and other leak-related risks expands the lifespan of floors.
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Concrete Sealing Extends the Life of Your Floors

If you own a large facility, you already know how expensive replacing a floor one tile or plank at a time can be. This is why many people prefer concrete over flooring that requires intricate installation. Tiles and planks also have very limited endurance that leaves property owners with hefty replacement bills about once a decade. Epoxy sealers, water-based sealers, and other types of sealer allow you to enjoy the ease and low cost of simply using beautiful concrete floors that can be resealed as often as needed instead of dealing with costly whole-floor replacements.

Sealed Floors Are More Durable

Sealed floors can reduce hazards for trips and falls. In addition to providing chemical resistance that reduces risks for dangerous contamination, sealed floors can also reduce risks associated with walking on wet floors. Pooling liquid isn't the only safety threat involved with unsealed concrete floors. Over time, moisture damage can cause concrete to crack and crumble. This deterioration can create uneven, unstable surfaces that result in trip hazards. Sealers help to reduce your liability for accidents caused by poorly maintained floors.

Concrete Waterproofing Maintains a Floor's Colour

Concrete waterproofing is also essential for preserving the colouring of your concrete floors. When using concrete floors in both residential and commercial settings, property owners can choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns. A custom concrete floor can achieve elegance and branding for just a fraction of the cost of other types of custom flooring. However, it's important to preserve your concrete floor with a waterproof sealer that won't allow the colour to become dull.

How Often Should I Seal My Concrete Floors?

Most concrete floors should be sealed once every two to five years. The urgency required varies based on how the floors are used. An area with heavy foot traffic, industrial equipment, or excessive exposure to moisture will need increased protection compared to an area with light use. It's always helpful to have a floor evaluated by a team of concrete specialists to determine if it's time for waterproofing.

Give Your Floors a Chemical Barrier: Contact Canada's Concrete Waterproofing Specialists

Founded in 2001, ESS Canada is Canada's trusted provider of custom penetrating sealer, polyurethane sealer, epoxy sealer, and more. We've helped to beautify floors in arenas, hospitals, retail centers, and more all throughout Canada. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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